Ladies Craft Retreat


Ladies Craft Retreat: This is a weekend where ladies come together to relax, socialize, and work on a variety of craft projects. Unlike some craft retreats our retreats do not have a specific focus so feel free to focus on your craft agenda whether it be scrap-booking, card-making, stamping, quilting, knitting, painting, writing, etc.

  • Spring Date:  March 15-18, 2018

***NOTE:  We have extended this year's retreat to begin on Thursday!  As you fill out your registration below, you have the option to choose the retreat dates that best suit you and your schedule.  If you have more questions, please give us a shout!


Thursday (*supper not provided)

  • 6:30    1st Registration
  • 9:00    Snack  


  • 10:30  Brunch 
  • 1:00    2nd Registration
  • 5:30    Supper
  • 9:00    Snack


  • 8:00    Light self-serve breakfast
  • 10:30   Brunch
  • 5:00    Supper   
  • 9:00    Snack


  • 8:00    Light self-serve breakfast
  • 10:30   Brunch
  • 3:00    Head home

Retreat Costs

4 Days:  Thursday (registration opens at 6:30pm) - Sunday (3pm)     $157.50

3 Days:  Friday (after 11am) - Sunday (3pm) OR       Thursday (registration opens at 6:30pm) - Saturday evening    $115.50

2 Days:  Friday (after 11am) - Saturday evening  OR Saturday (as early as you would like) - Sunday (3pm)     $84

1 Day:  Any full day     $52.50

What To Bring

Bedding, towels, toiletries, warm clothing, inside shoes or slippers, boots/warm outside footwear (paths from building to building can be snowy and wet!), travel mug, a snack to share, your craft supplies and a pillow to sit on (we do supply chairs, however your crafting may be more enjoyable with a little extra padding!)

Retreat Registration & Health Form

Fill out the form below to register - this is our preferred method of registration.  We will also accept registration/payment via the phone.  

The form below will start the registration process - to finalize your confirmation be sure to complete payment via paypal, mail, or phone.

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