Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Camp


Campers (ages 13-16) can 'choose-their-own-adventure', meaning we are offering four different camp programs during one week of camp.  Campers will choose the 'track' they want to be a part of and will receive specific training for the skill they have chosen during the main portion of the day.  Campers will also participate in whole camp activities such as chapels, wide games and meals.  Tracks that will be offered are: 

Targets - $361.73 - Campers will participate in various skills and activities that involve targets (i.e. laser tag, archery, sling shots, etc.).  Campers will learn basic technique, strategy, games, and more! (Campers do not need to have any experience.)

Equestrian - $361.73 - This track is similar to our riding camps (although this track is open to boys and girls!).  Campers will be assigned a horse for the week, learn to appropriately care for their horse, improve their riding technique and learn new riding skills. (Campers should have some riding experience and be comfortable around horses.)  

Volleyball - $361.73 - Campers will participate in drills, practices and scrimmages to challenge and improve their existing volleyball skills.  Volleyball will take place in our gym facility as well as outside on our beach volleyball courts. (Campers should have at least 1 year of volleyball experience.)

Drama - $275.00 (Limited time promotional price!) - Campers will be coached in drama practices & activities, such as learning to write & perform monologues, basic stage/acting knowledge, and will get to partake in skits & performances throughout the week! (No acting experience needed.)