Our Needs:

General Fund: Redberry Bible Camp is a non-profit and relies on the generous donations of individuals to be able to effectively operate our ministry. We do our best to keep the cost of sending a child to camp as low as possible. Fees we get from registration covers about one third of our operating costs. That means we rely on donations for the remainder. Please consider how you can support us as we aim to lead children and youth towards a relationship with Christ.

Send-a-child-to-camp: We offer a subsidiary to families of campers who can not normally afford to send their children to camp. We want to give the opportunity for children to experience camp at least once. We do not give out full sponsorships but we aim to subsidize their cost by 50%. The amount of children we can sponsor is based on how many campership donations we receive. It currently costs $361 to send a child to a main camp. Please consider supporting families who cannot normally give their children the experience of camp.

Capital Campaign: We are in the process of deciding what our next major project will be.

 Ways to give:

Direct-Debit Monthly Donor: Click here to fill out the monthly donor form

Credit Card through CanadaHelps: Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

E-Transfer sent to: accounting@redberrybiblecamp.com (please indicate that it is a donation in the message)

Mail-in-cheque: Box 25128 River Heights, Saskatoon. SK, S7K 8B7 (to the order of Redberry Bible Camp)


Redberry Run: This is our annual spring fundraiser. This run is based on raising pledges.. It brings staff, alumni, and supporters together to fellowship, get some fresh air & exercise, and celebrate camp! Click here for more info.

Fall Banquet: Fall is a time of celebration for us as we reflect on the way God has transformed lives throughout the year. We host a banquet in Saskatoon to share with our supporters and friends what the way God moved at camp this year. Click here for more info.