Support Redberry Bible Camp

With summer camp fees only covering a small portion of the cost to attend camp, every year Redberry needs to raise an additional $300,000 in donations. As the year comes to a close we are behind in our donation goals for the year. If you are interested in supporting us have a look below for some example on how your donations will be used.

Donate $20

$20 - Feed a camper for one day

Redberry has become synonymous with great food. A donation of $20 ensures a camper gets to enjoy one day of fantastic meals.

Donate $30

$30 - Feed a Horse

Our campers are not the only ones who need to eat, so do our 4 legged friends. A donation of $30 provides a bale of hay.

Donate $50

$50 - One week of arrows

One of the camps most popular skills is archery, unfortunately arrows are not cheap. $50 ensures that the camp is supplied with enough arrows for one week.

Donate $100

$100 - Climbing gear

Another favourite camp activity is the climbing wall. Ensuring safety is paramount to this skill which means new climbing gear is purchased every year. A donation of $100 purchases various climbing gear.

Donate $300

$300 - sponsor a child to go to camp

Sending a child to camp is expensive for many families. In 2016 the camp raised over $15,000 for kids to go to camp. $300 will send one child to camp.

Donate $500

$500 - support a summer staff member

In addition to room and board Redberry hopes to give honorariums to many of our summer staff. $500 supports food, lodging and a small honorarium for a staff member for 1 week.


Redberry Capital Projects

Any larger capital project that Redberry undertakes is fully funded through donations to the camp. In 2016 the camp board and staff created a new strategic plan that will bring the camp into the next decade and beyond. Capital projects are a large part of this new plan. Some of those projects include:

  • New shower & washroom building
  • New storage facilities
  • New year round meeting spaces
  • Long term underground infrastructure
  • Rebuilt and relocated horse corrals
Capital Project Donation