How Camp Works

Staffing at Camp

Who works for camp anyways?

  • There are 4 people who are employed at camp all year round. David Seeley (Executive Director), Katie McDonald (Director of Operations), Myrd Harder (Director of Facilities - Myrd is the only staff member who currently lives onsite at camp) and Derek Dyck (Director of Administration and Finance).
  • Our horse program is largely facilitated and run by Karissa Arlt who is a contract worker for camp.
  • Every spring, Redberry hires 12-16 individuals to be a part of the spring staff team called ‘Advance Team’. This incredible group of people runs activity programming and cooks for any rental groups that come to camp during May and June. They also prepare for summer camp by cleaning buildings and grounds and planning the bulk of camp’s summer program.
  • Every summer 50-70 staff and volunteers are hired to serve at camp during July and August. This amazing community includes cabin leaders, cooks, maintenance people, wranglers, nurses, lifeguards and program leaders.

Redberry would not be the camp that it is without the people that are involved.  We are thankful for each individual that serves at camp during the summer and throughout the year.  We hope this helps you understand a bit more on how camp works!