How Camp Works

The Off-Season 

April 2, 2018

What happens at camp during the other ten months of the year? 

Often when discussing our work at camp, we are asked, 'So what do you do when it is not summer?  Do you only work during July and August?'  Fortunately, we stay busy all year round!  

  • Summer camps come to a close at the end of August.  During September and October we host guest groups at camp.  School groups, families, church retreats, weddings, etc.  Our facilities are available to rent and we love running retreats and activities for groups that come. 
  • From September until December we are preparing theme, promotional material, budget and new program ideas for the next summer's camps.  This is a very busy time as we work to get all information regarding the next summer's camps in order. 
  • We host various camp events throughout the year including a fall open house, two ladies craft retreats (spring/fall), a men's snowmobile day, a Foundations youth retreat weekend and a Saskatoon camp day. 
  • While fundraising is an ongoing job throughout the entire year, our two main fundraisers are in October (the Fall Fundraiser - appetizers, desserts, live music and silent auction) and in June (the Redberry Run in Saskatoon).  A lot of planning, preparation and organization goes into each of these events.  
  • In January and February we open registration for camps and begin recruiting summer staff members.  We visit colleges, churches, youth events, etc. to spread the work about summer programs and leadership opportunities.  
  • In March and April we hire summer staff members and get ready for our next busiest guest group season.  
  • Our Advance Team staff arrive in May and schedules are packed.  The Advance Team staff plan the day to day programs of summer camps, clean and prepare camp facilities for summer and run programming for the many guest groups that visit camp in May and June. 
  • At the very end of June all of our summer staff arrive for staff training.  At the end of this weekend we take a deep breath and we are ready to go for another camp season! 

Staffing at Camp 

April 13, 2017

Who works for camp anyways?

  • There are 4 people who are employed at camp all year round. Roland Thiessen (Executive Director), Keldy Regier (Director of Operations), Myrd Harder (Director of Facilities - Myrd is the only staff member who currently lives onsite at camp) and Derek Dyck (Director of Administration and Finance).
  • Our horse program is largely facilitated and run by Karissa Arlt who is a contract worker for camp.
  • Every spring, Redberry hires 12-16 individuals to be a part of the spring staff team called ‘Advance Team’. This incredible group of people runs activity programming and cooks for any rental groups that come to camp during May and June. They also prepare for summer camp by cleaning buildings and grounds and planning the bulk of camp’s summer program.
  • Every summer 50-70 staff and volunteers are hired to serve at camp during July and August. This amazing community includes cabin leaders, cooks, maintenance people, wranglers, medics, lifeguards and program leaders.

Redberry would not be the camp that it is without the people that are involved.  We are thankful for each individual that serves at camp during the summer and throughout the year.  We hope this helps you understand a bit more on how camp works!