The Berry Broadcast - April 13, 2017

April 13, 2017 

Welcome to the Berry Broadcast!  We want to let you in on everything that is happening at Redberry Bible Camp during the year.  Read on to find out about upcoming events, special offers, ways to get involved and learn a bit more about how camp works.  If you have any feedback for us respond directly to this email - we want to hear from you!

Summer Camp 2017 

Explore Camp (Ages 6-8) - July 3-4
Lil’ Boots Camp (Ages7-10) - July 5-7
Discovery Camp #1 (Ages 8-10) - July 2-7 **FULL**
Discovery Camp #2 (Ages 8-10) - July 23-28
Adventure Camp #1 (Ages 10-12) - July 9-14
Adventure Camp #2 (Ages 10-12) - Aug. 13-18
Voyager Camp (Ages 11-13) - Aug. 6-11
Junior Teen Camp (Ages 12-14) - July 16-21
Teen Camp (Ages 14-17) - July 30-Aug. 4
Family Camp - Aug. 20-24

Girl's Riding Camp #1 Beginner(Ages 11-14) - July 2-7 **FULL**
Girl's Riding Camp #2 Advanced (Ages 13-16) - July 23-28
Girl's Riding Camp #3 Intermediate - July 30-Aug. 4 **FULL**
Girl's Riding Camp #4 Intermediate (Ages 12-15) - Aug. 20-25
Girl's Riding Camp #5 Beginner (Ages 11-14) - Aug. 27-30*shortened week because of first day of school*
Saskatoon Day Camps #1 (Ages 6-10) - July 17-21 *takes place in Saskatoon
Saskatoon Day Camps #2 (Ages 6-10) - Aug. 14-18 *takes place in Saskatoon
Outback Boy's Camp #1 (Ages 11-13) - July 23-28
Outback Boy's Camp #2 (Ages 11-13) - July 30-Aug. 4

Need a reason to get in shape? 

Our annual Redberry Run Fundraiser is coming up on June 10th.  We need people like you to run, walk or jog - 2, 5 or 10km to raise money for camp ministry.  It's as simple as pie - Click here to register for the run and print off a pledge form, decide which distance you would like to run and ask people to support you as you support camp!  

Stay where you are - we are bringing camp to you!

That's right!  We want to give people a taste of what summer camp is like by bringing camp to Saskatoon.  Join us on June 10th (right after the Redberry Run!) from 11am-4pm in Victoria Park for fun, free, family oriented activities provided by Saskatchewan camps.  

If you know anyone else who would like to stay up to date with Redberry's events and activities share this newsletter with them!  Once again, we appreciate comments, questions and feedback.  Feel free to give us a shout!  

- The Redberry Team