Plans have been made, and we are eagerly anticipating another summer at Redberry.  Core to Redberry is creating an environment that encourages campers to grow physically, mentally & spiritually. We offer fantastic opportunities for adventure, to develop new friendships & play in the great outdoors. With activities like horsemanship, canoeing, archery, laser tag, wall climbing, skateboarding, sports, crafts, drama, guitar, giant swing & swimming - there is something for everyone.

In addition to our usual exciting programs we also have our specific program camps - Boys Outback Camp, Girls Riding Camp, Saskatoon Day Camps and a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure week of camp. 

If someone other than the child's guardian is dropping the child off at camp for the week, the guardian must print and sign THIS WAIVER and send it with their child.  Click here to download the PDF version of the waiver.  

Registration Details

  • By clicking on the registration button/link you will be forwarded to our registration system.
  • Read all directions and text - the registration has important information that is easy to miss if you do not read carefully.
  • Registrations are not completed until the $50 registration deposit is paid. Until that point camper spots are not reserved.
  • If you are having difficulty registering please contact the office and we will help you through the process. (306-477-4410)

Summer 2019 Specific Program Camps

Summer 2019 Main Camps

Age is calculated based on what age the camper will be on December 31, 2019.