Changes 2018

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Week

This year we are offering a brand new camp week!  Campers (age 13-16) can 'choose-their-own-adventure' during the week of August 19-24.  This means we are offering three different camp programs during that week.  Campers will choose the 'track' they want to be a part of and will receive specific training for the skill they have chosen.  Track choices are:  Targets, Equestrian and Volleyball.  Click here for more information about this new week of camp!

Laser Tag 

New to our list of activities available at camp is LASER TAG!  We are excited to offer laser tag as an activity for guest groups throughout the year as well as campers who attend camp during summer (ages 10+).

Refer-A-Friend Program 

Redberry's Refer-a-Friend program is back!  Bring a friend to camp who has never attended Redberry before and both you and your friend will receive a specialty item from our camp store as well as a gift certificate to the camp store to purchase another item of your choosing (total value of both items $50)!

Changes 2017

This upcoming summer we are excited to offer some new programs. Here is the rundown on our upcoming changes in 2017.

FIVE Girl's Riding Camps

Our Girl's Riding Camps have become so popular that we couldn't resist adding another week of Riding Camp to our summer!  This year we will offer 2 beginner camps (one shortened week due to the school starting), 2 intermediate camps and 1 advanced camp.  For camp dates and more information on our riding programs click here

Refer-A-Friend Program

Have a friend that has never been to Redberry?  Invite them to come to camp with you and BOTH of you get an exclusive camp T-shirt and a credit to the Redberry tuck shop ($50 total value)!  For more information on our awesome refer-a-friend bonus, click here.

Sponsorship Program 

At Redberry we want everyone to have a chance to experience summer camp. Our sponsorship program provides support to families in order to remove financial barriers that might prevent individuals from coming to Redberry.  We have revised our sponsorship application process, deadlines and policies.  Please read about the changes we have made by clicking here.  If you or someone you know could benefit from our sponsorship program we would love to hear from you!  

Changes 2016

The changes outlined below were made in 2016 and are carrying on in 2017!

The More the Merrier 

Last year we tried a few brand new programs, two of them being Boy's Outback Camp and Saskatoon Day Camps.  They went over so well that we thought we would add more weeks of these fantastic programs!

Click on the names of the programs for more information.  

Voyager Camp - August 14-19

Voyager Camp is a mixture of Redberry's Adventure Camp and Jr. Teen Camp programs.  It includes all of the same incredible camp experiences with a slightly different age group than we have ever offered before - ages 11-13.  Click here for more information.  

Junior Camp Name Change

We have changed the name of our Junior Camp program (ages 8-10) to Discovery Camp!  We feel that the name 'Discovery Camp' more accurately describes the experience had by campers during these weeks at camp.  Redberry often hosts many first time campers during this program.  Campers are given the opportunity to try new wide games, hear from incredible speakers, build new friendships, try every skill that camp has to offer.  They discover more about themselves, they things they love and the God who loves them!  Click here for more information. 

Skill & Activity Choices 

This applies to Adventure, Voyager & Jr. Teen Camps only. 

New for 2016, campers will no longer choose their skills & activities during the online registration process (with the exception of extra cost skills:  E-quest - 2 hour horse skill, Horsemanship - 1 hour horse skill, and Swimming Lessons.  Spots are limited and these skills will be first come, first serve in the online registration).  All other skills will be chosen by campers during their first evening at camp.  Campers will get a preview of what each skill activity will include for the week.  Campers will then take turns choosing the 3 skills they would like to participate in for the week.  We cannot promise that each child will get their top 3 skill choices, but our goal is that campers would enjoy their activity choices, and try new skills in a safe, fun learning environment.  Click here for the skills and activities offered at Redberry Bible Camp. 

Extended Intermediate Girl's Riding Camp - July 24 - 30

We knew our Girl's Riding Camps were thoroughly enjoyed when many of the suggestions to improve camp were, 'Make camp longer!'  We have taken the suggestions of the campers and added an extra day onto the Intermediate Girl's Riding Camp.  As in previous years, camp will begin on Sunday and will run until Saturday afternoon at 1 PM.  Click here for more information on our Riding Camps.

Changes 2015

The changes outlined below were introduced in 2015 and are continuing on in 2016.

Riding Camp - Aug. 23 - 28

Last last summer we decided to offer a fourth riding camp (formerly known as ranch camp). The riding camps at Redberry have been one of our most popular camps, so to allow more girls into the program we are again adding this fourth camp. Click here for more information on our riding camps.

Backcountry Boys Camp - Aug. 2 - 7

Seasoned Redberry campers are aware of our excellent girls only riding program; but what about the boys? For 2015 we are adding a boys only option called Adventure camp. This is an opportunity for boys to be boys; play in the outdoors, be challenged, learning more about themselves and God's nature. The Camp is planned for Aug. 2 - 7 (Ages 10-13).

Jr. Camp - June 28 - July 3

Every year our Jr. Camp fills and is overflowing - it is time to open more spots to this age group. This year along side our Explore Camp (Ages 6-8) & Lil’ Boots Camp (Ages 7-10). We will also have a week long option for Jr. Campers ages 8-10. This new camp will have limited space so register early to ensure your spot. Click here for more information on our jr. camp.

Saskatoon Day Camp - Aug 10 -14

In previous years we have hosted day camps at Redberry. We also know that there are children that want to take part in the Redberry camp experience but are unable to travel out to camp. That is why in 2015 we are hosting day camps in Saskatoon - let us bring Redberry to you!

2014 Changes

The changes outlined below were introduced in 2014 and are continuing on in 2015.

Camp Ending Time

In previous years we have had our closing program at 7pm.  This year we will be having the week-end closing program at 4pm.  We have made this change so that we are able to clean and better prepare for the next week of camp.  

Basic Horsemanship

Our biggest changes this summer are coming to our horse program. The Basic Horsemanship program most closely represents Redberry's past horse programs. It is designed as an introduction horses and horse riding.


Redberry's most popular program in the past has been our ranch camps (now called riding camp). Due to their popularity, ranch camps fill quickly and leave many wanting a more advanced horsemanship program. This is where E-quest comes in. Campers that participate in this program will spend two skill activities in a row with their horses. This enables our wrangler staff to give more advanced instruction, a tailored program and more riding time. This program has an additional $21 charge. Be sure to sign up for the skill during registration, at which point a RBC staff will give you a call and inform you of the details details. At only 10 kids per week this will fill very quickly. Registration is open today!

Riding Camp

Previously called Ranch Camp - this is the same back woods horse program that you know and love. We thought that Riding camp was a little closer to the reality of the program and therefore have changed the program name. 

Creative Artistry

Previously Called Crafts - We are making plans to make creative Arts a journey that explores much more than simple crafts. Depending on the instructor the skill will explore additional artistic disciplines such as photography, painting and other arts.

Operation Experimentation 

Previously called science, we are now focusing this skill on the wonder of scientific experimentation. This skill will take time to explore exiting scientific experiments, as well as busting a few myths along the way.